Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

House Rules
Ability Damage Actions and Touch Damage Ammunition
Animal Companion Growth Dispel Eagles Splendor
Item XP Cost Item Modifications Item Clarifications
Knowledge Checks Magic Item Crafting Mindlink, Battle
Partial Repairs Polymorph Any Object Psionics and Magic
Skill Checks Survivability

Ability Damage

Cursed by the dark arts? Weakened by Shadows? Luckily, you aren’t just another commoner. Your lifestyle includes much more physical and mental workout than farming. So much so, you regain 1 ability point every 24 hours following ability score damage until you are back in peak condition.

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Actions and Touch Damage

When using magic items which are allowed to cause effects or damage on touch (or when attacking unarmed) they do not function when doing combat actions which do not inflict damage.

For example, a monk punching someone with a ring which does electricity damage imparts the extra electricity damage. Tripping, however, does not do damage, and therefore the electricity damage would not be applied.

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Magic has been applied to many things, and finally the use of magically enhanced manufacturing has become rather widespread. The quality of standard ammunition for ranged weapons has benefited from this to the point where 50 arrows of standard ammunition is enough for long periods of time.

Individuals who buy 50 units of ammunition do not have to track how much they have remaining unless specifically instructed to, as long as they buy additional ammo to replace lost ammo when instructed to.

Special ammunition (ex: Armor piercing arrows) does not receive this benefit, as the process of creating such ammunition requires more complicated manufacturing which has not yet been improved by the advances standard ammunition benefits from. It is subject to a 50% recovery chance after each battle.

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Animal Companion Growth

The bond between an animal companion and their master is a close one. Which is why when an animal companion levels, and the number of hit die it has indicates an increase in size, the animal companion may grow. However, this may only happen if the new size would be no more than one size larger than its master

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Magic works in interesting ways. Dispel is one such way – and when casting, be wary. It affects magic effects cast by ANY caster in its area, including friendlies, and the caster may not purposefully fail to dispel friendly effects.

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Eagle’s Splendor

A Druid’s abilities are numerous, and no where quite as much as in nature. As a result, Eagle’s Splendor is on the Druid spell list as a 2nd level Druid Spell.

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Item XP Cost

The “normal” XP cost of 25% of the price is waived if the XP cost is not listed (for DMG items). For items from other books, this will be done on a case by case basis.

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Item Modifications

The following items have been modified from the version stated in source:

Magic Item Compendium

Amulet of Fortune Prevailing

  • Market price is 8,000 gp

Amulet of Second Chances

  • Rejected

Belt of Battle

  • Market Price is 16,000 gp

Boots of Temporal Acceleration

  • Approved as is

Bracers of Wind

  • Approved as is

Circlet of Rapid Casting

  • Approved as is

Collar of Healing

  • Price is 8,000 gp


  • Crystals work as in the MIC, except that least and lesser crystals only work if there is a free +1 slot on the weapon or armor they are applied to. Greater crystals require a free +2 slot.

Gloves of Fortune Striking

  • Market Price is 2,500 gp

Goggles of Draconic Vision

  • Add “or prying eyes” to the prerequisite spell list

Headband of Conscious Effort

  • Rejected

Mantle of Second Chances

  • Approved as is

Ring of Arcane Might

  • Approved as is
  • Bonus is classified as a competence bonus

Ring of Mystic Fire

  • Approved as is

Ring of Mystic Lightning

  • Approved as is

Ring of Nine Lives

  • Change to heals to -1, unconscious (regardless of Feats, etc), stabilized, same price

Ring of Spell Battle

  • Rejected

Shirt of the Leech

  • Market Price is 10,000 gp

Third Eye Aware

  • Approved as is

Vest of the Archmagi

  • Approved as is, contingent on double-check if the money necessary is ever actually acquired

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Item Clarifications

The following items needed clarification on certain specifics from the source description

Magic Item Compendium

Goggles of Draconic Vision

  • The spot bonus is a competence bonus

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Knowledge Checks

The use of knowledge skills is slightly different in this world than in others you may have heard tell of. Their operation can be described in the following way:

Knowledge Dungeoneering will always get you something about a monster, except in very special cases (Ex: No one in the world has ever seen anything like it). It may not get you very much, but it will get you at least a little bit.

Other knowledge skills will not always get you something – even if it might have in other worlds. Feel free to ask if a knowledge will get you something for a monster, but don’t expect it to exactly follow what other worlds do (Ex: Knowledge Arcana doesn’t work for Dragons in this world)

If someone gets a good Dungeoneering, and another knowledge will get you more, you will learn about the other checks you can do (which means you won’t always have to guess what will work). Granted, this requires a not-completely-fail dungeoneering role. It is treated like another property of the creature that you are trying to find out.

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Magic Item Crafting

Crafting items is a laborious process. Detailed here is the system used to create your gloves, headbands, amulets – basically anything besides weapons and armor.

First off, each item you create may have a maximum of three enchantments on it at any given time, so if you are trying to add a fourth, it has to “overwrite” one of the existing ones.

Next, determining the cost:

Start with the cost of the most expensive enchantment. For every enchantment after that, add the cost of the enchantment plus an additional 50% of the cost.

Next, add an additional 50% of the cost of any enchantment which does not normally get added to an item in the slot of the item you are enchanting (for example, strength enhancements don’t usually go on headbands). Affinities for slots are on page 288 of the DM guide. If you have a question about an affinity, please ask.

Finally, take that cost, divide it by 2 (if calculating crafting cost), and add 5 * any experience point cost for the enchantments. This is the total gold cost (there is no XP cost, the 5*XP replaces it)
x= market price of cheapest item, y= market price of second item, z= market price of third item

all items in proper slot and no XP cost

item cost=(x+1.5*y+1.5*z)/2

item z is in wrong slot, no XP cost

item cost= (x+1.5*y+2*z)/2

equations may need to be adjusted based on situational circumstances.
Last, you must determine the time it will take to craft the item. The time taken is based on the cost to craft the item, and the number of enchantments you are attempting to add at once. If using a workbench, the rates are as follows(and are always rounded up to the next hour):

1 enchantment – 1 hour/580 gp cost
2 enchantments – 1 hour/560 gp cost
3 enchantments – 1 hour/480 gp cost

Of course, you may be modifying an existing enchanted item. The gold cost is the cost to create the entire item you will end up with, minus the cost of the item you are starting from. The time taken is calculated as normal.

Only three enchantments are allowed on an item at once, however it is allowed to “overwrite” an existing enchantment with a different one. Cost is calculated same as above, except the cost of the item being started from is the cost of the existing item, minus the enchantment that is being overwritten. It takes at additional 8 hours to craft, on top of the normal time, as the old enchantment must be correctly removed.

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Mindlink, Battle

The battle version of Mindlink is difficult to master, but very powerful.

Telepath 6

Power points: 11
Display: A, V
Action: 1 standard action
Target: 1 creature
Range: 30 ft
Duration: 1 hr/lvl
Save: Will Negates (harmless)

As mindlink, but allows the benefits of one prescience or precognition power to be shared to the mindlink recipients.

1pt: Add one additional target. No two targets may be more than 30 ft apart.
2pts: May share one additional precognition or prescience power

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Partial Repairs

If a weapon breaks, and would normally lose all its enchantments, there is a chance that they may at least be partially restored. Partially restored means:

May be slightly less powerful
May only work a certain percentage of the time

Partially restoration is usually at least slightly cheaper than re-enchantment, though that is up to the smith or enchanter. Some are willing to do simple repairs for cheap, while other consider it more of a challenge than a fresh enchantment. Smiths or enchanters may also be willing to fully restore a partially restored enchantment, though again there are no guarantees about the price they will demand. The time that passes between an item breaking and being brought in for repairs factors into how effective partial restoration will be. This is due to the materials in the world accepting magic more easily. While the precise reason is unknown, some scholars argue that an enchanted weapon’s materials hold onto a “memory” of the magic it once held.

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Polymorph Any Object

The spell Polymorph Any Object does not exist in this world.

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Psionics and Magic

Psionics have harnessed magic in unique ways, and have discovered new potentials for it. They have forged the mind into a tool which tunes into the magic of the world, to communicate with and affect others in previously unknown ways. However, foreign as these pathways of the mind are to most, they are still subject to the rules that govern magic as a whole. Things like dispel and anti-magic fields have caught many a psion by surprise with their power-blocking effects, and led to several otherwise intelligent adventurers meeting an untimely demise.

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Skill Checks

Skill checks are interesting – especially when natural 1’s and 20’s occur. A natural 1 equates to a -10 on a check, and a natural 20 equates to a +30. If a check is failed or passed when a 1 or 20 is rolled, something more interesting may happen. Taking 20 on a check also grants a +30.

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You exist in a world of gods, monsters, villains, and plots. Of demanding allies and unflinching enemies. However, there is always hope for survival. Think on your feet, and keep your wits about you, and you will find that there is always a way to escape alive from any given situation.

Every situation can be overcome. You have encountered many times when the direct approach has served you well. You have accomplished many tasks. However some situations will require courage of a different sort. They will require the courage to say “we can not yet achieve our goals”, and to find a way to escape danger in order to fight another day. If you ignore the threats the world contains, then you will surely be destroyed.

Respect the world and possibilities it contains, both for success, and for failure – or worse. There are diseases, damaging effects, and villains lining up to take shots at you. Do not expect to get through every situation unscathed, and remember that the world presents options to those that help themselves. You will have to retreat, you will have to lose from time to time. Learn to recognize these times, and you will survive to continue your quest.

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Rules of Engagement

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